Examples of what I can provide

Here are some examples on deliveries I can provide for you and your business:

  1. You need a website for your business or a new design that meets today’s standards
  2. You have an existing website but you need extra functionality without breaking the design
  3. You need an app or you need your website to be more accessible on other devices
  4. You are custom to regulations that needs to be implemented such as accessibility (Norway: Universell utforming)
  5. You need an application available to your employees via the intranet or via log in online

Maybe some example functions:

  1. Chat with your customers
  2. Make them able to preorder food or other items for quick pickup
  3. Book an appointment
  4. Integrating a webshop with a cart and payments
  5. Blogging and news in various categories
  6. Contact you in a different way than calling your main number
  7. Social functionality and integration to Facebook or other third party

I can provide a WordPress site and manage it for you or make you able to manage it yourself. Cost will be based on how much tailoring is needed. Contact me to get an offer, I do not charge before we have agreed. Also if you need something tailor made with a different CMS than wordpress I will be able to help. Many new solutions are built using cloud platforms and a newer way of delivering is through something called node.js and no use of WordPress or PHP (the language WordPress i written in).

Discounts for first customers.


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