Lessons learned from developing and introducing the Smileyhash app

At http://smileyhash.perandersen.no you can see a React Web app I have developed myself. But no one uses it. However, at least, I know I am able to make a web app.

I have things on my Trello board that I will look into, unless I start chasing other ideas and I have stopped doing development as I uploaded it to the host and posted about it on LinkedIn, I posted it on Reddit and I posted it on my facebook profile and no one has made any tweets with the hash tag.

For me it is hard to know if it was the idea and concept that didn’t seem appealing to people (what is the use for the tweeter anyway? They don’t benefit from rating their tweet mood using my hashtag) or if I just have not been doing enough to gain mass interest. It is not something I would try to make viral through spending on ads, as I would not see any income from it. And working more on making it indexable for search engines is something I have on my list, but I do risk that people never tweet using the tag even if it is indexable for search engines. So it is hard not to move focus over at developing other apps and ideas.

If I was to make some kind of app and/or web service successful, I think it would have to be concerning something people actually need. And those ideas are hard to get. At least now I know that I have the ability of following thorugh and I know I am technically able to make a solution based on an idea. This is great news.


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