ul data-relation-list – social networking without a central server

At the time of writing this blog has almost no readers but I keep on blogging and this post is in English as I have an idea I think is timed well, knowing that social networking is established in the population and major companies in social networking are experiencing privacy issues.

Let’s say we all started blogging on our own web site instead of using social networks from commercial partners. I have made a scheme to implement a bidirectional list of relations that can be implemented on any website and it is possible to send and accept or deny relational requests using an API.

I have called the concept ul data-relation-list as it consists of an unordered list in html that is maintained by the webmaster’s server. I wrote about the concept using different terms in a previous post.

The concept is relying on html and the implementation of a standard API to handle requests for adding. If the sites you have in your list of relations implement feeds you can have a view that gives you status updates from all the sites in the list and we can start following each other in a new way not relying on the commercial actors in social networking.

See the readme on GitHub. Feel free to contribute by implementing the concept in various languages.


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